Impact of UI/UX Design: How It Can Help To Grow the Business

Someone has rightly said,

“What you see is what you believe” – The entire design concept revolves around this quote. Truly, UI/UX is the heart of product development.

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Do you know why?

Statistics by Tandfonline says it takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave.

Impact of UI UX Design


What Does This Mean?

Most of the users will leave the website in just a few seconds if that doesn’t interest them.

Here comes the role of UI/UX!

The poor UI/UX is one of the sole reasons, why people abandon or stop engaging with your website or mobile app. Good UI and UX of-course holds them back for a longer time and increases the conversion and engagement ratio. It’s one of the crucial aspects of the business which has the potential to make or break the brand. Reliable UI and UX means, design enhancement and customer satisfaction. Grab the attention of the users which ultimately helps in increasing the user-base. Investing in app’s or website’s UI/UX has the potential to increase ROI.

If you hire a web designer, they will add a distinct look and feel to your website or mobile app to get magnificent results.

Here is why good UI/UX is essential for business.

  • Great UI and UX attracts and retain customers

In this competitive environment, high-quality UI/UX can help you to stand out from the crowd. The best UI/UX design is which understand the user’s perspective and provides the best look and feel.  It is well-said “First impression is the last impression”. To make your users impress at first-go, your app must be aesthetically designed and all the elements must be well-placed keeping in-line with color-palates. If you hire a web designer, they can brilliantly design your mobile app or website, provide easy-navigation which rarely makes the user click on the back button.

  • Builds Brand Identity

Just like you own your identity; brand identity is something that sets your product apart from other businesses. Brand Identity is usually simple, clear, and clean, and visually appealing; it communicates about your product’s identity. Without a doubt, it is its UI that makes your brand identity outstanding. When you have a great design, you build your reputation and when you build your reputation, you set the benchmark of customer’s expectation. Thus, ultimately you increase the chance of having more customers. Happy and satisfied customers increase brand credibility and result in increased sales.

  • Saves Time and Money

If you are a small business owner, you might hire a naïve designer who might not have enough knowledge in designing and might not design exactly the way you want. If you hire a dedicated UI/UX designer, there are minimal chances of any issues with your application or website. A perfect product will have zero to no issues and might not need frequent upgrades. This results in saving time and money which you may spend high on hiring the naïve designer.

  • Get More Traffic on a great UI/UX

Without a doubt, a good UI/UX increases traffic and enhances customer satisfaction. If your website is brilliantly designed and they can find the relevant content on your website, nothing can stop users from navigating further and increase conversions. The longer your visitor will stay on the website, the lower your bounce rate will become. Adding social sharing buttons on your website will help to promote your website which in turn will increase visitors, traffic, and engagement ratio.

  • Maximized Revenue

Quality is always the priority for customers. If you provide your customers what they need, you will surely yield a good profit. Fulfilling customers need and business demand directly impact the revenue, brand value and of-course lead to the increase in ROI. Having an effective design increases product sales builds loyalty, opens new avenues, and reduces the time-of-market. All these benefits lead to more profit and an increased revenue stream.

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What Are Your Thoughts? Are You Investing in The UI and UX of The Business?

Whether you are a start-up or enterprise, investing in UI/UX can help to grow your business. Through research on what makes the app attractive and more engaging can win the hearts of your customers. If you understand the target audience and their preferences, you are all set to design an app that can fulfil your customer’s needs. The goal is to provide an easy solution to the complicated problem.

If you hire a dedicated web designer, they can provide you a beautiful, engaging business solution. They can create a user-centric design that can increase customer satisfaction and customer retention.

On a brighter note, UI/UX plays a key role in the success and lead conversion of business. Without a doubt, it can convert your dream website into reality. So, choose the best strategy, hire the best UI/UX designer and give an edge to your competitors.

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