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Canteen Management System

Accrete provides a complete system for ease and automation of your canteen management workflow. Our Canteen Management Software get all the tasks done, whether it is user account management, fee collection, meal entries or delivering high quality informative reports.

Complete Automation of Process

Automate your process from planing and order to delivery, including payments.

Biometric & RFID Integration

CMS integrates with Bio-metric system or RFID for secure user verification.

Manage Students, Faculties and Guests

Easy record keeping of all users including students, faculties and visitors.

Meal Configuration and Current Status

Configure meals, meal timings, meal entries and check consumption status.

Proper Food Planning and Management

Keep track of food consumption, plan using attendance data to reduce wastage.

Detailed Informative Reports

CMS generates 100% accurate detailed and comprehensive reports for you.

Customer Feedback System

Receive feedback from customer about various aspects and generate reports.

Payments & Balance Recharge

Manage payments, pending receipts and recharge balance of customers.

Export Data to Payroll & Billing Softwares

Export data to your payroll and billing software, avoid manual data entry.

Integration with Printers

Integrates with any standard printer and prints transaction receipts with details.

Cashless Transactions Supported

Post-paid and pre-paid accounting options with cashless processing.

Corrections & Refund Requests

Allows corrections in order and easy refund option is available.

What other CMS users are saying...

Customer Testimonials

Our canteen management system has brought a positive difference to a lot of canteen businesses. The business owners are fully enjoying the benefits out of CMS by automating their workflow, better decision making by accurate reports and no manual paper work! This is what they have to say about their experience...

We have been using Accrete's canteen management system for more than a year now. The software has great potential and it has significantly reduced the manual work load we had to carry which saves a lot of time and efforts allowing us to optimize the business process for best performance and maintain peace of mind! If you run a canteen business, Accrete's CMS is an essential tool for you.

Mr. Vikas

Accrete's canteen management software turned out to be a game changer for our canteen business. Our process has clearly become faster and smoother with help of such a fantastic software. Record keeping, reporting, management in general has become an easy job and now we can concentrate on more important aspects of our business. This software is very promising and strongly recommended.

Mr. Ajay

Why You Need Canteen Management System?

Benefits of CMS

Accrete's Canteen Management System provides an all-round solution for any type of establishment like factories, offices, schools, educational institutes, clubs, hospitals, hostels etc. Here is why a software like this becomes an essential tool for managing a canteen for any institution.

Automation of Process

Canteen management software automates almost entire management process of a canteen and takes care of all trivial tasks. Managers no longer have to waste their time for small repetitive tasks, CMS does it for them!

Comprehensive Reports

Accrete's canteen management system is able to generate detailed reports with highly accurate data that help you analyze the flow, control wastage or time/resources and keep track of all that is going on in the canteen.

Biometric & RFID

CMS can integrate with biometric systems as well as RFID devices which makes it extremely easy to keep track of students activities and meal consumption and visitors.

Better Planning & Management

With help of useful features like meal management, biometric systems, meal configuration, student management, payments & balance recharge etc. CMS lets you maintain flawless working of your canteen with accurate planning.

Why is using Accrete's CMS?

Our Esteemed Clients

Accrete‘s Canteen Management System is being used by some of reputed organizations and companies across the country. They are already using the CMS and getting full benefits out of it making their management work flow a lot easier! Join us and boost your canteen business with our technology!

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